A few years back while in college I was having panic attacks, anxiety and terrible hot flashes. I felt desperate to heal. Discovering the soothing benefits essential oils provide and going deeper into the study of Aromatherapy and Pranic energy healing led me into developing a ritual that helped me cope with my anxiety.

I’ve been a Pranic energy healer for almost 13 years. In this school of spiritual development and self healing, I’ve been taught several meditations and self healing techniques. The Meditation On The Soul by my teacher Grand Master Choa Kok Sui; has been one of my favorite meditations and the one that has helped me on my soul-realization journey. The Meditation on the soul connects us to our soul the “I AM”; in a sequence of affirmations. In this pure state of the soul we experience bliss; the love, light and power within us all.

During 2016 I was going through a very difficult time in my design career, I had all these other passions and was searching for my soul purpose and mission on this earth. The Meditation on the soul being one I practiced daily for inner strength, and clarity. One day during deep meditation I was gifted the vision of DOSI, I saw the black and white bottles, the smells, my surroundings. When I came back into my physical body, I had a rush of energy; excited and blissed out to manifest the vision. I grabbed my sketchbook and my sharpie and drew every detail I saw in the vision. That vision is what you see today. Dosi means to give a small amount of something to someone to make them feel better.

This daily soul - realization practice inspired me to blend 4 positive affirmation blends to live daily with intention. Uniquely crafted with therapeutic grade essential oils to promote each positive state of emotional wellbeing. Practicing positive affirmations daily and being aware that every word placed after the I AM has energy. What we think and say repeatedly is what we become. Verbally affirm, I AM PRESENT, I AM PEACEFUL, I AM RELAXED, I AM LOVED. 

May these affirmation blends soothe your emotional needs. These blends have been what has worked for me on my healing journey combined with Meditation and other alternative practices. I offer them to you with the same intention.

 Love & light,