“A few years back I was having severe panic attacks, anxiety and terrible hot flashes. I felt desperate to heal. Discovering the powerful healing benefits essential oils provide and going deeper into the study of Aromatherapy led me into developing a ritual that kept me sane.

 As a Pranic healer we’re taught a meditation on the soul. It connects us to our center the “I AM” in this pure state of the soul we’re light, love and power. The I AM is pure bliss. Living the human experience can be very emotional as we’re all sentient beings. We must be aware that every word placed after the I AM has energy. Practicing positive self talk and character building daily are fundamental in finding our bliss.

Inspired by the meditation and putting it to practice I blended 4 positive affirmation oils to live daily with intention. Each blend is uniquely crafted with selected essential oils to promote each individual state of wellness. The 4 blends are BALANCING, RELAXING, CALMING, UPLIFTING

Nighttime baths with The DÓSI polish and The DOSI wash. Both products are infused with dead sea salt and coffee which are two powerful ingredients to detoxify and purify our body and soul. For added therapeutic benefits I infused both products with The DOSI Balancing Blend to provide an all over balancing effect. I love to soak in these products for 20 min before bedtime. 

Spray bottles infused with soothing essential oils to spray all over, when I felt the heat rising in my body before breaking a sweat is the Aura Sprays collection. They provide a super cooling and refreshing effect and are perfect for a pick me up. I love to spray myself throughout the day. The first blend I experimented with was The Relaxing Aura Spray it helped a lot with my anxiety. 

Exotic scents with warm notes such as vanilla, rose, sandalwood, cinnamon and more have always been my go to’s. I’ve learned they’re all considered aphrodisiacs. I’m fascinated by the color black and the feel of velvet. Bringing all these sensations together is what is now our one and only Aphrodisiac Black Velvet and it's my best selling blend!

These blends have been what has worked for me on my healing journey combined with Meditation and other alternative practices. I offer them to you with the same intention". 


Love & light, 


- missdosi