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Life will never be a straight line. Learn to live detached from all you’re familiar with. Growth physically, emotionally and mentally is part of life and it’s inevitable. Whatever you’re going through today. Remember it’s not forever. Everything is in constant motion and change. It’s the law of cycles... We will all be ok.  Love you❤️ @missdosi

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A BEAUTIFUL PASSAGE I READ ON BEAUTY IN THE ABSOLUTE BEATY AYURVEDIC BOOK BY PRATIMA RAICHUR inner reflection .... Beauty is the face of the self unbounded. The pure energy of consciousness reflected in subtlest physical form through the body. In the words of Werner Heisenberg, the renowned quantum theorist, "Beauty is the translucence, through the material phenomenon, of the eternal splendor of the "one". We know it in ourselves as a profound experience of wholeness, and we see it in others as an effortless poise, grace and vibrance: the individual totally at ease from deep within the skin and radiant from without. "Beauty is not a veneer upon things; it is not skin deep; it is not something added...

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Once upon a time in a kingdom deep-deep within our soul. Where our thoughts and emotions no longer control our being. "I AM not the body, I AM not the emotions, I AM not the thoughts, I AM Not the mind, IAM the soul" -GMCKS. In our purest state where everlasting bliss is experienced.... The unicorn appears.... be receptive @missdosi

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I've been introduce to several meditations. One that has changed my life. Before you read through the affirmations imagine a bright electric violet waterfall of light coming down into your head all through your body and out of your toes clearing all blockages and negative emotions... “I AM THAT I AM, I AM NOT THE BODY, I AM NOT THE EMOTIONS, I AM NOT THE THOUGHTS, I AM NOT THE MIND, I AM THE SOUL…..” - The meditation on the Soul by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.   

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